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At DMwireless we have a professional team, available 24/7 to answer any question you have.

  • Verify if the answer to your questions is in this list, otherwise you can communicate with us by writing us through our chat or by calling us through 787.621.0527.
Our service works with wireless (microwaves technology). We installs an antenna on the rooftop of your house or a suitable place to receive strong signal from our transmitters.

From the antenna there will be an Ethernet cable that will go inside the house connected your router which will provide the Wi-Fi signal. See here our graphic explanation
We have coverage throughout the entire island and will always test the available speed before installing any equipment.
The connections is completely unlimited, however after a maximum of 500GB has been consumed there will be a speed reduction until the cycle renews each month.
From the moment your request service, the process will take between 1 and 3 days, depending on the availability in agenda.
Installation make take 1 and half hour. The procedure includes: coverage test, installing the antenna wiring equipment and installing the router in a place of your choosing.
The monthly payment will be executed by direct debit, by check (checkings or savings accounts), Visa or MasterCard.
Our service is not prepaid.
Yes. Initially you will have the flexibility to choose the day you pay.
Depending of the billing date, we prorate the amount.
Yes. Our prices are fixed, without surprises! not one cent more!
Yes, Your contract has a 10 day trial period, which you can cancel penalties free.
No, We don't work with subsidies.
You must pay for installation the same day we set up our equipment, payment must be executed by credit or debit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express).
No, the installation payment cannot be in cash
In this case, we sends professional personnel in coverage extension, to evaluate the installation of a possible signal extender to provide coverage in that area.
Our assigned technician proceeds with the installation immediately.
You can connect all the devices that you wish.
Our routers are configured with high security parameters, to avoid any unwanted connections from being established.