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  • It's a pleasure!

  •      We are a company of Puertorican Heart, with 10 years of experience in the market, based in providing internet services and digital communications for homes and businesses. We offer a complete and innovative suite broadband and communication solutiones to our consumers.
  • everyone has
    a story to tell,
  • this is ours:
  •      DMwireless had its humble beginning in Bo. Pugnado Manati PR, a short time after we extended our services to the surrounding neighborhoods of Jaguas, Pesas, Posas, Cordillera, Cialitos Centro, Frontón and Hato Viejo Cumbre.

  •      Our dream and purpose was to provide a high speed internet connection to those people who lived in the most remote and forgotten places of the island where other companies could not reach.

  •      We started out with a single transmitter in our local community and day by day managed to expand our coverage throughout Puerto Rico and beyond to the US Virgin Islands.
  •      As precursors of wireless internet service providers of High Speed ​​ throughout the Central Region of our Island, we have expanded exponentially to cover all of Puerto Rico and even the US Virgin Islands.

  •      Currently we serve companies of engineering, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, various companies and industrial sites .

  •      DMwireless serves in a techno-conscious way , seeking to provide services and help our clients to implement their global expansion initiatives, thus promoting their projects and allowing them to manage their communication and information processes.
  • Our Mission

In DMwireless we want to transform the way you connect .
We offer high speed navigation services & smart solutions for people and business.

  •      High speed and safety, are our secondary names. Connect people with the world , their way of living, working, playing; not only do it, but do it in the best possible way . We aim to be at the height necessary to meet the demands of our customers. We continually improve the technologies available to provide new products & services to the areas that need it most.
  •      In DMwireless we strive to be the best. All this with a fully fixed objective, as the first norm: to offer a attention to the client in an attentive, precise, coherent and stable way . Improving the user experience that enjoys our services.
  • Pillars of successful
  •      In DMwireless we have a high level of passion in proven technology , with always updated application procedures and continuous audits.

  •      This has given us a great competitive advantage over other aspects of the work in relation to cost-effectiveness, with verifiable results and guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients .

  •      In this way we make sure we have a solution for each need, taking into account the economic considerations, integrating them into viable and effective solutions .
  •      We focus on three strategic areas:

  • High speed, high capacity that allows to accelerate the wireless connectivity.
  • Competitive cost structure Unmatched!
  • Supervised technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.