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  • We offer you a complete and innovative solution that will optimize your commercial operations to the maximum level.
    Take a big step! Offer a professional corporate service, speed up each process and ensure a reliable connection for your employees and customers.

Special Enterprise Services

  • Guaranteed safe connection in all networks of your company and web.
  • Have access from anywhere in the world.
  • Maximum security and restricted access to third parties

  • Offer a specialized service and enhance your business corporate position.
  • Configure voice commands for automated interactive answers in your call center.
  • Redirect your calls, to the appropriate department without a dedicated personnel.

  • Guarantee the correct flow of your operations in all your work stations.
  • We assure that all your systems keep updated with the last OEM versions of software.
  • Maintain high, levels of security for your devices.
  • We have a specialized personnel to execute repairs in your computation devices, servers and network devices.
  • Recover lost or deleted data.
  • Delete virus and spy software (Spyware).
  • Configure networks, printers and backup systems for your important archives.
  • We serve you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Send and receive, safe and private faxes to your email from any place.

  • Keep informed and connected with your operations even out of your work areas.
  • Speed up the flow of your operations and improve your employees productivity.
  • Access by remote control, live and direct, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Remove the existing networks cables, with our wireless cameras solution.
  • Prevent theft and increase security of your property.

  • Dedicated internet with optic fiber technology.

  • Enterprise Gold 10/10 Mb
  • Enterprise Gold 25/25 Mb
  • Enterprise Gold 50/50 Mb
  • Enterprise Gold 100/100 Mb
  • Enterprise Gold 1/1 Gb

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